Photos from Top Left to Right:

As Yusuf in "Hidalgo" (photo credit     
Richard Cartwright.)  As Dr. Azad in   
"Brick Lane." As Apu in "The Fifth        
Patient." As Dr. Taraki in "The              
Peacemaker." As Faizul with Robert  
DeNiro in "Night & The City." As         
Nathuram Godse with Ben Kingsley  
in "Gandhi" (photo credit Alain             
Dejean/SIGMA, and Frank                 
As Yusuf in Hidalgo
As Dr. Taraki in The Peacemaker
As Apu in The Fifth Patient
As Nathuram Godse with Ben Kingsley in Gandhi
As Dr. Azad in Brick Lane
As Faizul with Robert De Niro in Night and The City
Short Film:
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Directed by Avie Luthra
Running Time: 12:48